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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is your training so cheap?

• Like we always sing that money is not our precedence, but to enrich the society through enriching businesses.

Course fee is FREE, it is only the certificate you will have to pay for.
• This programme is  subsidised and supported by      HINSdigi HINS     ICITIFY IDE-HINS Digital Marking in FAQs

How long is the Short-course?

A day

What is the essence of making your courses short?

The brevity is structured for candidates in order to achieve what are expected to achieve within a very short time and to allow a retentive memory for the knowledge gained.

What is the purpose of the training?

• To make people understand how they can further grow in their respective businesses
• To establish a large and effective business community
• To contribute to the economic development of our nation and the world at large

Is there any benefits associated with this short-course?

• Yes. It’s cheaper
• Free e-business and business consultations
• A seal certificate would be issued at the end of each course.

Why are some short-courses free?

They are fully sponsored by  HINS Corporate Solutions and Banking


What is the difference between HINSdigi-EIAS and HINSdigi-SIAS?

They are both the same but only the input strategy defers

Is there any difference between HINSdigi-EIAS and HINSdigi-SIAS in the pricing plan?


In the payment plans, the silver plan is free for the first week. What will happen if my interest failed after that first week?

A month grace would be given to retain our Intelligence Copyrighted Design on our web server or on your web host, and after the grace is over, with your consent we will remove the entire design from the server.

However, coming back to re-seal or re-launch the programme, will attract a sum of =N=80,000.00 – ONE-TIME CHARGE and NONNEGOTIABLE


Why your silver plan is less costly compared to gold and diamond plans?

Generally, the service is expensive and tasking, but we voluntarily shoulder to take up 90% responsibility of the silver plan at our own expense. If you are satisfied with the silver service plan, you may like to upgrade to either gold or diamond plan as you wish. This is in a way to build trust in our services.

After subscribing to any of the payment plans, are there any hidden costs?

No. Except you haven’t had your own website. We will have to charge you one-time for a newly designed and hosted site. And therefore, follow-up with the monthly subscription using one of the payment plans.