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HINSdigi SIAS stands for social Intelligence Awareness System.

HINSdigi SIAS was introduced and planned for category of schools. As a matter of reality, for a school to grow and keep growing, there is a need for social influence as a result to attract high volume of interest from prospective students, students and their sponsors. Social influence is also known as peer comparison.
It is a strategic concept developed to promote or advertise your institution beyond her reach by using your trained intelligent students to convey these activities on behalf of the institution. It is a drive to showcase the talent and intelligence of your students in all sphere of creativities or to exhibit termly and seasonal best grades and overall best results of your students, and even to unveil the best WASSCE or GCE O’ Level results, not only to Nigerians, but to the whole world.

Students Responsibility
The responsibility of the students is to write articles on any inspiring and educative topics such as health, ICT, engineering, politics, stories, jokes, entertainments etc. While writers would be tagged by their names, classes and ages, and with awesome photographs.

Education is FREE WIIL and FREE WILL can never be established with the exception of social proof, intelligence and influence. And this is how elaborate awareness and more patronage can be realised.


  • To earn the attention of the prospective parents or students.
  • To make the school easy to be found.
  • To draw strangers to the website by providing interesting content.
  • To engage audience.
  • To make visitors stay long on your site.
  • To pull high traffic audience.
  • To convince prospective parents for patronage.
  • Attract strangers to become your site visitors
  • Convert visitors to leads
  • Close your leads to become customers
  • Delight your customers
  • You will be able to view number of traffics or visits to your site per day
  • You will be able to determine which of your products or services people like most
  • You will be able to understand your customer’s behaviour and plan how you can further satisfy them
  • You will be able to understand your return on investment
  • Optimized Sales Workflow
  • Online game for students, incorporated into your site. (optional)
  • SEO for SEM. Your site would be visible on search engines such as www.google.com, www.yahoo.com, www.bing.com etc.
  • Learning Management System for teacher and students, incorporated into your site. (optional)
  • Electronic Science Simulation Tools for your Students which covers Subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This would be synchronized into your site and enable students to perform a real-time experiment (optional). Click here to test the sample
  • And a lot more to implement upon understanding your school

Why Digital and Inbound Marketing and Sales?
1) It is inexpensive.
2) It is interactive.
3) It is a long time retentive process and benefit.
4) It is disseminating.
5) It is highly measurable in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) and the Key Performance
Indicator (KPI). You would be able to account for every single expenditure and income.

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